Hello & Welcome!

Are you ready to embrace the conversation many want to avoid? It's okay if you are cringing at the thought - it is natural to feel a bit uncomfortable when talking about death.

Like many things in life - two things can be true at once. The topic of death can be uncomfortable AND beautiful. It can present an opportunity for connection, and leave you with a sense of inner peace. I invite you to welcome this conversation with yourself and your loved ones.

My interest in this topic began in college when I took a Psychology of Aging course and discovered how many other cultures approach death. The lack of support and open dialogue around death & aging in our society became clear to me. With my own fears about mortality and the loss of loved ones, I wanted to dive deeper and learn how to get comfortable with this topic.

During my college years, I volunteered weekly for the Aging & Veterans Agency in my community. I found meaning in listening to the stories shared by elderly veterans and witnessing the positive impact it had on their well-being.

After graduating, I provided in-home care for elderly clients. Through that experience, I realized that the job entailed much more than just performing care tasks. I witnessed the immense value of companionship, support, and the power of being present.  

I understand that animals are as much a part of the family as humans are. That's why I also offer services for families saying goodbye to a beloved pet.

Compassion, openness, & curiosity are the guiding principles that define who I am, and were shaped through those experiences.

Beyond being an end-of-life doula, I enjoy spending time with my four children and my husband. My favorite hobbies involve anything to do with plants, gardening, animals, or the outdoors. Photography, baking, and yoga are also high on the list! I believe that life is composed of countless little moments, each holding value and opportunities for learning and growth. I approach life with an easy-going, open, and playful mindset, trying not to take it all too seriously. I feel privileged when others share their highs, and lows with me. This work is incredibly important to me, and I deeply appreciate the trust placed in me to provide support.

This is how Wayfinder Doula began! I hope you find comfort here. If you want to chat more about what services I offer, please feel free to send over an email to schedule a free consultation. 

In loving memory of my dearest Dakota, who taught me how to live in the moment, love, and in the end, grieve.